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My IL State Parks Fundraiser Update

Updated: Jun 12

We're a little over a week in and we want to share some early results with you!

Here are our current leaders as of June 10:

  • <100k visitors: Trail of Tears State Forest and Volo Bog State Natural Area (TIED!)

  • 100k - 200k visitors: Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Recreation Area

  • 200k - 400k visitors: Horseshoe Lake State Park (Madison County)

  • 400k+ visitors: Shabbona Lake State Recreation Area

If your park isn't listed they could be close behind! We have a lot of parks gaining support. Voting is live through the end of June! Cast your vote and help your favorite park take the lead. Every $1 = 1 vote!

A layer of green peat floats on the water of Volo Bog surround by dried fall grass.
Volo Bog in the fall. Volo Bog is the only quaking bog in Illinois.


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