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About the Illinois Conservation Foundation

Here at the Illinois Conservation Foundation (ICF), we're dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Illinois, working hand in hand with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) to ensure our state parks and wildlife areas are protected and preserved. Our partnership with the IDNR is vital for creating welcoming, sustainable spaces that future generations will be able to enjoy.

Our mission is centered around promoting healthy outdoor activities, protecting wildlife, and preserving the ecosystems within Illinois State Parks. With the generous support from private donations, we've been able to achieve some remarkable feats. For instance, we proudly restored the iconic Eternal Indian Statue at Lowden State Park with a $300,000 investment. It’s projects like this that help keep our state’s history vibrant and accessible.

We've tackled a wide range of projects aimed at improving our state’s natural resources and facilities. We built a fish rearing pond at Newton Lake for $75,000, made $100,000 worth of capital improvements at Clinton Lake, and developed a new wetland education area at Sam Dale Lake for just $5,800. We also added 31 acres to Volo Bog State Natural Area and rehabilitated the Turner Lake Wetland at Chain O'Lakes State Park. Each project brings us closer to our goal of better conservation and more enriching parks for everyone.

Looking to the future, we're not slowing down. We're planning to enhance accessibility at William Powers, build horse stables at Giant City, and introduce new playgrounds at various campsites. We're all about making the great outdoors even more inviting and enjoyable for everyone who visits.


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